Monday, May 23, 2011

Pandora is up early; she barely slept; the implications of what could have happened to her friends and family haunt her thoughts. Ob held her in his arms through the night till the coming dawn forced him to stone sleep... he changed beside the bed after gathering a sleeping Chloe and placing her next to her mother. Absynthe perched above them on the headboard to keep a watchful eye.

Chloe seemed especially sleepy in the morning and she cuddled back in her own bed in the nursery when Pandora went down for breakfast; the nanny stroking the little dragon's head as she left the room.

Roxi was sitting at a table with coffee; waiting on one of Monty's omelets... and Pandora crossed the room to join her. Patti brought her  one precious cup of coffee she allowed herself each day, one small concession to pregnancy... her other beverages being healthy herbal teas and plenty of water.

"Well, how was sleeping in your own little place?... are you feeling at home here?' Roxi smiled shyly and replied... "Its really a great place, and I can sit and look down at the activities on the street below. "... she looked Pandora straight in the eye and said.."I was worried for your friends last night too, Jeb filled me in; does that sort of thing happen often here?"

Pandora gave a little laugh... "No, its usually pretty calm, but we do have a couple of issues we are dealing with as a community. I want you to know it is NOT safe to travel or walk around town alone at night; if you must go out take Jeb or my father with you." Monty came with breakfast and Pandora and Roxi talked about their lives; filling each other in on how they came to be in this place.

Roxi  was astonished at the story of Traeger being assumed dead for years, and his recovery and reconnecting with Pandora. She thought of her own parents and knew that was not true for them, their fate was sealed; but they had been together.

She thought the meeting between Ob and Pandora very romantic... and the tale of star crossed lovers Alise and Stoney more romantic still; she understood the deep devotion the group had to each other and why they were all so closely bound.

When Roxi left to go to the shop and join Traeger for the day's work; she and Pandora parted fast friends.

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