Saturday, May 14, 2011

I hear a mosquite whine and turn slightly, knowing that it is not in fact a mosquito, but a sylph. So it proves to be, and a hyperactive sylph at that, so excited that she practically dances in the air. Her speech, too, is accelerated, so that it is almost gibberish. Such a state of affairs bodes ill for someone, I fear, so I cast a minor spell, the effect of which is to tranquilize her to a degree. It is not a thing I do lightly; this spell is typically reserved for those who have seen something so horrific that their mind is in danger of retreating into catatonia. I have never used it on a non-human before, but I see little in the way of options; the intelligence she brings must be of significant import to cause such anxiety.

It seems to work... though perhaps too well. A slow smile overspreads her face and she speaks more slowly now.

When all has been made clear, I reach for my cape, belt Nemesis in place and leave the Manse, my destination the cottage where Lady Alise and her gargoyle dwell.

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