Saturday, May 7, 2011

There is a rumble right behind Ob and Pandora as they pause to look around the tavern room. Chloe claps her hands and squeals as Guunnar plucks her from her daddy's arms....

"Go, haff husband und vife meal. Little vone vill eat mit Unca Guunnar und Dmitri." The big Viking winks at Pandora. "Vill feed her only healty foods. Promise."

Ob grins as Pandora opens her mouth to reply. "Let it be Bruha. You know as well as I, Guunnar will take good care of our Gitanilla." He lets the Viking pass, watching as he reaches his table and tosses Chloe at his dining companion. The little Gargoyle spreads her wings to catch the breeze of her movement and glide gracefully into Dmitri's waiting arms. The Greek Rider catches her easily Holding her above his head as she squeals in joy.

"Chlo' flied! Chlo' flied!"

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