Thursday, May 5, 2011

When Tannr awakens the sun is high in the sky and his stomach is rumbling loudly. He stretches and grimaces, his shoulder still on fire. Sitting up he sees Tori near the bed and his mind starts to wander, images from the previous night making him smile. He stands and goes to her, running a hand gently over a smooth shoulder and up her neck.

“I need to go eat and see if the healer is around. There has to be something better for this pain... I'll be back soon, *minn engill, minn ├íst...

The tavern is quiet when Tannr approaches Monty at the bar. Monty grins and asks, “Hair of the dog?”

Returning the grin Tannr shakes his head, “No, not this time. I guess I missed lunch...”

“Not a problem. I can get you something if you like...”

“Okay... anything, I'm starving. And have you seen the healer by any chance? This brand hurts... not one of my brighter moves...”

“I bet”, Monty replies. “I think she's over at Traegers. He is letting her set up a small clinic room over there. Let me call her, then I'll get your food.”

Tannr nods his thanks and takes a seat at the end of the bar. He watches as Pandora supervises some men from the greenhouse switching the winter greenery for fresh spring boughs and plants. The demifae are happy and picking new spots amongst the flowers and leaves.

Monty brings him a huge burger, fries and glass of water, all of which Tannr has consumed by the time Rowan slips in the back door.

She sits on the stool next to Tannr. “Monty said your shoulder is bothering you? Mind if I take a look?”

Tannr turns so she can get a good look at the blistered angry wound. “They gave me some ointment to put on it, but it doesnt help much with the pain, in fact, getting that stuff on there makes it worse.”

Rowan nods. “I bet.” She opens the bag she brought with her and pulls out two small spray bottles and a small package of soft gauze. “Do you mind if we do this here or would you prefer some privacy?”

“I dont care, unless this is going to make me scream like a girl...”

Rowan looks up and chuckles at the teasing look on Tannrs face. “I doubt you'll be screaming. I”ll leave that to Tori..”

Tannr laughs and holds out his arm. “Do your worst Healer.”

Rowan gently sprays a cleanser over the area and wipes around the brand, careful to avoid the blistered flesh. She lets that dry and then grabs the other spray bottle and covers the area in a fine mist.

Tannr eyes go wide as the pain starts to recede. “Wow, that really helps.”

Rowan nods, “I knew it would. Take the bottle with you, get some rest, you look beat.”

“Thanks. I will. What do I owe you for this?”

“Nothing, dont worry about it. The donation you made towards the van and supplies will cover things for quite some time. Oh! Before I forget. Traeger asked me to deliver this..” Rowan hands Tannr a small wooden box. “He said he would get the bill to you later...”

Tannr smiles as he opens the box. The bracelet was just what he wanted for Tori and it matched her necklace as if they had been made at the same time.

“Damn... he is good at what he does...”

“Yes, he is...” Rowan gives Tannr a wink. “I'll talk to you soon. If you need more of that spray just let me know.”

Tannr returns to the room he is sharing with Tori. He throws off his shirt and jeans, and before getting into bed he carefully sets the box on the nightstand. With the pain in his arm relieved for the moment he quickly falls asleep.

*My angel, my love

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