Monday, May 9, 2011

Red eyes bright with excitement and curiosity, the woman raises the hood that slipped from her head while she watched the gargoyle take wing with her passenger. Her form shadowed and barely visible in the darkness of the woods.

A winged serpent? One that carries people.... What a magnificent gift for Lolth that would be..... And what status the bearer of a such a gift would enjoy....

“Did you see that my Priestess?” A tall warrior appears at the womans side.

“I did. I think we may need to find out more about this creature... Wasnt it said that the winged ones had a hand in the death of my sister?” Dark hands pull the cloak tighter, hiding the lush body and long silver white hair.

“I believe so Priestess...” answers the Warrior.

“Then we should find out all we can....” replies the woman before seemingly melting into the night.

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