Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pike lounges on the hood of Erik's jeep. The warmth from the engine seeps into his back as much as the sunlight warms his face. He listens closely to what is around him, hiding a smile at the feel of small feet walking up his chest.

Something sharp presses into his arm and Pike frowns. "Ye break ma skin, I break yer wings."

The stinging stops and the sensation of weight lifts away. There is a tittering laugh he recognizes as Mya, followed by her singsong "I tol' you. I tol' you!"

Slitting his eyes against the sun's light, Pike stretches lazily. Wish drops down from a tree at the end of the lot, landing lightly. She dances across the pebbles, humming to herself. Dust rises and swirls behind her, drifting back down as she leans against the jeep's fender.

"They come."

Pike slides off the hood. Gone is the indifferent pose as the warrior training shines through. Wish opens the passenger side door as Star appears, Mera in her arms, with Erik and Ruarc close behind. Mya and her companion flit overhead until the little ones are secure. Mya waves at the other Fae and darts behind Ruarc's seat. Wish bows as the adults get settled.

"Homebound? Do you wish us there, My Lady?"

At Star's nod, Wish begins to gather her magic. As the jeep pulls out of the lot, Pike takes one last look around and steps close to his lover. His hand slides into hers and they fade into the rising haze of enchantment. When the dust settles, the two Wyldfae are gone.

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