Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tannr sees Raina and Erik and goes to their table. He groans as he sits and again as he tries to prop his arm on the table. Raina and Erik exchange glances and Erik heads to the bar to talk to Monty.

“So is that worse than you thought...? You dont look so hot...”

Tannr shrugs, “I dont know what I was thinking, but this is fucking awful. Something I dont plan on repeating... ever...”

Star stands and approaches Tannr, she holds her hand over the brand intending to see if she can lessen the pain for Tannr. But he gently takes her hand in his and shakes his head.

“Thank you little sister, but I need to feel this. If nothing else to remind me not be so stupid next time.”

Star stammers a bit, “But it was for your job....”

Nodding Tannr lets go of her hand, “There are other jobs... maybe I should have put more thought into this... If you take the pain away, you take the lesson away..”

Erik returns with a bottle of whiskey and several shot glasses. “I wasnt sure who all wanted to drink with you...”

Leaning in close Tori says quietly, “I'm going to get you something to eat, no arguing. Then I am going to talk to Pandora about a room for the night.”

Confused, thinking Tori is trying to ditch him Tannr asks, “Room? You want me to stay here tonight?”

Tori runs a hand through the copper strands and hides a smile. “What? You don't want me to stay? Tough. I'm staying too.” She smiles and almost laughs at the look of relief on Tannrs face. “You always tell me you arent going anywhere... well, neither am I... You drink until you're numb. I'll make sure you get to your room in one piece. I'll be here when you wake up, maybe still stone, but I'll be here.”

Tannr sighs, “Okay. Thanks Red. And if I get really drunk and pissy, I want to apologize in advance.”

Tori laughs, “Dont worry about it. I have brothers, remember? You should have met Stoney before he found Alise again... The man never smiled unless Ob had him half sloshed...” Tori rolls her eyes. “I'll be right back.”

Raina watches as Tori goes to talk to Monty and Pandora. She pours Tannr and herself a shot. “Bottoms up!” They drink and slam the glasses on the table. Raina laughs, “You know, you are pretty lucky. If you get drunk and pissy with me, I'd just leave your ass wherever..”

“Yeah, but you're my sister...”

“Sure about that? I always thought Loki dropped you from above and took my real brother away...”

“Raina! Damn, thats cold...” but Tannr is laughing, knowing he was a pain in the ass to his older siblings.

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