Monday, May 23, 2011

Alise slips her hand into Stoneys large one. “I let that monster in here. Tomas could have been killed.... and Laila too...”

Raina steps out onto the porch, “Its not your fault. That would have fooled most anyone. Cant say that I would have checked under the jeep as it was coming in. I didnt think ghouls were that smart...”

Alise nods, still feeling at fault. “I am going to check on Tomas.” She turns and goes back into her home, one that she had felt so secure in until this had happened. Laila is visiting quietly with Ramji in the kitchen, Alise can see them as she crosses the living room to the bedroom she shares with Stoney. The door is open a crack and she can hear someone whispering. Mon Dieu, who is that now?

Pushing the door open slowly, she sees Nick, sitting on the edge of the bed, talking softly to Tomas. The girls have curled up near their brother, all sound asleep in the large bed. Alise smiles at the sight, knowing they have nothing to fear from the vampire. Nick hears her enter and looks up. “He's still sleeping and feels like stone...”

“Tori said that is good and he will heal faster this way. By tomorrow evening he should be good as new... and proud as a peacock I imagine..” Alise smiles at her son, understanding the reasons for his going to stone but still wanting to hold him and comfort him.

“He should be proud. He is a brave little guy.”

“Raina is going to stay the night with us, we will be up all night. You are most welcome Nicholas, if you care to stay also..”

Nick nods, “I would... and thank you.”

Stoney enters the room and runs a large hand down the length of the little boys back. “He is a good boy, a son to be proud of. His first thoughts were to protect the girls...” Stoney stands straight, “I think we should all take Rowans advice. I have a fine bottle of brandy....”

Moving to the kitchen Alise sees that Laila had set out the shot glasses and was cutting cheese and placing the slices in a serving plate with crackers. Stoney took a bottle of brandy out of the cupboard and a bottle of wine and wine glasses were also set out.

Stoney toasts to good friends and family. Raina downs her shot and laughs as Alise struggles with hers.

“A glass of wine I think... stop laughing at me Raina.”

Raina pulls Alise close and hugs her, “Its only because I love you, you know that...”

The night is spent visiting and reminiscing, Laila finally hearing the whole story of Alise's capture and how she and Raina became such close friends. Panther shows up, howling at the door until Raina lets her in. She goes right to the bedroom, jumps on the bed and lays between the children.

Its very late when Raina and Nick leave, promising to return the next evening to check on Tomas.

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