Monday, May 23, 2011

After Mera and Ruarc are settled for the night and everyone has a nightcap or two, Tannr and Tori head over to the stables. They enter the loft and Tannr moves to the window, pulling back the curtains and opening it wide, letting the warm breeze and soft moonlight in.

As Tannr gazes at the moon, Tori steps into his arms and he pulls her close.

“Whats wrong? You seem lost in thought, Coppertop...”

Tannr nods, “Just thinking about Tomas. Alise was so scared for him... are you sure he'll be fine?”

“Yeah, he just needs to rest... Stoney can calm Alise. She worries for her children as any mother would.”

“Are all her kids going to be gargoyle or just Tomas?” Tannr asks, not thinking of how Tori might take the question.

“Why? Does it matter?” Tori is instantly defensive, catching Tannr off guard.

Recognizing 'the look' and the tone Tannr replies, “No... not at all. I just wondered...”

“Afraid of having a 'little monster' of your own?” Her words are sharp with a tinge of bitterness and she takes a step away from Tannr.

“What? Tori... no... I...” Tannr takes a deep breath and sighs, his frustration quickly fading as he realizes now the reasons for much of Toris defensiveness. Tannr grabs her hand and pulls her back into his arms.

“Such a Spitfire... Monster? Is that how you see yourself?”

Tori sighs and plops her head against Tannrs chest. “I'm sorry... old habits, I guess...”

Tannr holds her close and smiles. “And as far as having 'a little monster of my own', its not something I am afraid of... not with you...”

Tori tips her head up to look into his eyes, and she senses only honesty from his words. Tannr continues, “I really was only curious... Red, anyone would be...”

Nodding Tori says, “The girls dont show any sign of being gar... I think its a 50/50 thing with mixed races...”

“Okay...I just wondered...”

“I'm sorry... I dont mean to be so... I dont know... I'm really afraid of screwing this up....” Tori reaches for Tannrs hair, running her hand slowly through the burnished locks.

“You wont ....”

Tori smiles and Tannr sits in the windowsill and pulls her into his lap. For a time both are lost in thought watching the moon. Soon the touches turn passionate and Tannr kisses her deeply, leaving no doubt what his thoughts have turned to.

“Take your clothes off....” Tannr helps her start unbuttoning her shirt. His hands wander over her breasts, lightly teasing as she stands and slips out of her pants. “Sit here...” Tannr gently pushes her into the old worn chair that is placed near the window.

Tori sits and watches Tannr, her eyes raking over his chest as he tosses off the shirt. Her hands start to reach for him when his jeans are added to the pile of clothes.

He gently pushes her hands away and kneels in front of the chair. He pushes her legs apart and leans in, his cock already hard and Toris leans back, gasping at the feel of it against her stomach. Tannr kisses her neck and whispers, “I love you Baby....” trailing kisses down her neck, then taking a firm pink nipple in his mouth and sucking slowly. He moves lower, letting his tongue trail over her stomach, licking and gently nipping at her skin. He leans back, looking at Tori, sprawled in the chair, moonlight turning her skin to alabaster, her legs splayed over the arms of the chair, her smooth lips already wet and beckoning. Forcing back the urge to slam his cock into that wetness he smiles and lowers his head, his tongue barely touching her clit. Tori bucks and gasps and Tannr increases the pressure of his tongue slightly, making her crazy with desire. When Tannr starts to suck, she moans and buries her hands in his long copper hair.

“Fuck me... please Tannr... I'm sooo close....”

Tannr stops, leans back and runs a finger over the swollen nub, slowly moving in circles as Tori's legs start to tremble. He slowly inserts his finger, raking over her g-spot, watching the look of passion and pleasure on her face.

When she starts to buck hard against his hand and her ragged breathing turns to moans, he knows she wont last much longer. He lowers his mouth to her clit and starts to suck as his finger slides in and out of her hot channel.

When her whole body is shaking and trembling, Tannr stops suddenly.

Tori moans, “Nooo... please... damn it Coppertop...”

Tannr grins, “Turn over Red. I'm going to fuck you senseless...”

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