Saturday, May 7, 2011

Traeger looked up as the woman entered his shop... a beauty; she had a glow as if she spent time outdoors and her eyes drew your attention... surrounded by the soft flushed tan of her skin and the red hair. "Can I help you?"

The woman smiled softly and said... "I'm hoping you can help me."... She explained her skills in silverwork and showed her pieces to Traeger and he saw that she had a rare gift  in working the old intricate styles becoming so popular again. "You know, I could use an apprentice... I have some helpers; but you look able to be cut loose on your own if needed". Roxi smiled and said... "I'm Roxi... Roxi Santini... I'll do you a damn good job." Traeger grinned and said... "I know you will; and I look forward to seeing you create your own works soon." They walked the shop... going in back to examine the areas where he poured silver and polished stones; and she saw that he was equipped with all the modern methods ,as well as the old school ways... some things could never be improved upon.

As they talked she glanced up and saw it was  almost evening. "Gosh, I was hoping to do some more looking for a place to live today,time slipped away." Traeger paused a moment and said.."'I have been planning to renovate an area of the building into an apartment... interested?" Roxi said yes, and he took her up a flight and showed her what was once a large bedroom with bath and an attached sitting room. "Only thing missing is a kitchen, and I figured if I opened up the wall between the sitting room and bedroom next to it, it would be a great little kitchen. You could move in and they could work on the kitchen and wait to cut the door in when its about done to give you the maximum amount of privacy." Roxi blushed and said... "Thats very thoughtful, can I afford this?"

Traeger chuckled and said.."When you know me better you'll find I'm very accommodating... and I think this should be part of your salary; but not until its done. Right now just move in and get costs involved... you can start working next week... and right next door my daughter,Pandora and her husband have a tavern." 

Excusing himself for a moment he made a phone call, and returned saying... "Until we have things in order, you'll eat next door... the place is open to family anytime... and you're family now." Roxi started to protest at his generosity, and he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder... "Once you get to know us you may run screaming into the night; but for now please accept my hospitality, and that of my daughter. In fact, its about dinner time... why don't you drop in for a meal and introduce yourself? Their bouncer Jeb will take you back to the motel."

Roxi thanked him for his kindness and left with tears brimming in her eyes; she never expected to find a job and a home in this first day. It was only a few steps to the tavern door,and she admired the flowers planted in front as she mounted the steps to enter. She looked up and almost collided with a handsome man standing in the doorway.

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