Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tori snaps the lid of her laptop closed and puts it back in its resting place. Coming around the edge of the bar, she nearly collides with Tannr. The bemused look on his face, and the fact that he is looking at Ob, has her thinking her Nestkin said something.

Josephito Romanavich, what did you say to Tannr?

The feeling of a shrug brushes her mind. Me? I know nothing of which you speak, senorita. I just reminded him you are a mui tough mujer.

Her eyes narrow, watching her brother across the room. Spanish...? Now I KNOW you said something. If things get ruined because of you, I will rip your heart out and feed it to piranhas. Got that?

Ob's laughter fills her head. Si, Tor. But I don't thnk that will happen. After all... you just played hard ass bitch in front of him and he still got a bottle of wine and is walking you home, no?

Tori slams a wall between them, cutting off Ob's laughter. As they say goodnight to Jeb and head out the door, she asks Tannr what he said. The Viking grins and tells her Ob was just being a brother, nothing he and Erik wouldn't have done for Raina. She shakes her head and as they reach street level, spies one of the crow Kids perched on a ledge across the street.

Pulling out her cell, Tori hits speed dial and is soon ordering ten large pizzas, several bottles of soda, a stromboli, and chips delivered to the Gallery. Hanging up, she raises the phone high and the crow takes off, winging up over the buildings toward Tori's warehouse.

"Gotta feed my kids."

They are laughing when Tori spies the two women from the bar getting in a cab at the end of the block. A man climbs in with them, the doors close, and the cab drives off into the night.

Tannr pulls Tori into his arms as they watch them drive off. "Well, I guess it didn't take them long to find a willing man." He grins at the woman in his arms.

"Besides, I'll take athletic, fiery redheads over overstuffed, clinging blondes any day." He kisses her deeply. 'We better hurry Red, or the pizza guy will get there before we do."

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