Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jeb has his eye on the door for strangers; but all seems fairly normal for the tavern; he watches Ob's pacing and  hopes all is going well for his kin.

He looks to Roxi, and can tell she is feeling the tension, walking over he slips on a stool beside her. "I guess you can tell we're having some excitement in the family tonight; its being handled, you can relax".... Roxi smiles shyly. Jeb goes on... "You're one of the shapeshifters, aren't you?... I'm guessing canine of some sort, but not wolf."

Roxi looks up at him in surprise... "Yes, I'm fox... both my parents were shifters." Jeb crooks his head and says... "Would I be too forward if I asked if you'd like to go out with me tomorrow night for a run?... I have a place outside town where I go to shift and run the countryside."  Roxi grinned. "I'd really like that, I have no idea what the shifters do here, when and if its okay to be my other self."

Jeb slipped an arm around her shoulder... "Stick with me kid; I'll show you the ropes."  Roxi stiffened for the barest second before relaxing; she felt some sexual tension when she was dwelling on him, she decided to just relax and see where it led her... he wasn't a bad looking man....

Jeb continued... "You're part of the extended family now; you'll find yourself drawn into situations you haven't even imagined yet. Life is good here in Exton; but its also never dull." Roxi watched Patti approach and say..."Honey, I overheard Jeb, and he's right... you're part of us now; so get used to different." She laughed and turned to help a customer and Jeb said," Well princess, I need to get back to the door.. .I'll get in touch with you about tomorrow night; It'll probably be after dinner when we take our leave of town."

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