Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roxi spent the morning scouting for rentals, not even sure about where she would work... not having anything figured yet... she paid another two days on the motel .One of the motel employees had greeted her with a smile that morning and she had talked with the woman about the town. It appeared there was a revitalized portion of old town that had quaint shops and a popular tavern frequented by the college locals for the great food and music.

As good a place as any to start, she mused; picking up a small case in which she had examples of the silver jewelry she crafted. Her father had taught her the craft, as his father taught him. They were shifters; the fox family of creatures... her father was Italian, lending her his olive skin... and her mother Irish; giving her the soft glowing skin and red hair... eyes light blue that flicked green when she was passionate about something, or angry. 

The bus driver had been accomodating about where he thought she'd best find some shops; and she stepped off now; marveling at the beauty of the old buildings... fresh paint,old brick; splashes of color from flowers everywhere. She stopped before a shop featuring unique artist's paintings and jewelry pieces... and finding the art so amazing she lingered for minutes before some prints of one artists unique interpretations. "She was the previous owner; the artist, wasn't her work wonderful?" The young woman smiled at Roxi and she felt comfortable at once.... "There are so many things going on if you look past the surface"... Roxi answered; pointing out the Fae hidden in the leaves and other whimsical points. "Yes, Grace saw much beyond the ordinary... like you and me." Roxi looked up into the girl's face.... "You're a shifter aren't you?" the girl asked. Roxi tried to hide her surprise, and the young woman reached out to touch her arm..."Its one of my gifts... I can always tell when its one of the Others; even when you appear normal."

Roxi instantly relaxed when the woman touched her arm; "I guess I'm a little lost today." she admitted.  They talked awhile and she showed some pieces to the girl from her case... and the girl told her there was a craftsman down the street that would probably  be interested in seeing her. "Traeger, the artist's  name... his daughter owns the tavern next door; its the 'In' place for us shifters." Thanking her for her time, she left the shop looking for the building proclaiming jewelsmith.

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