Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pandora watches Ob's approach and feels another wave of lust at his strong body as he strides casually across the room. This pregnancy has brought with it an insatiable desire for Ob; and she struggles to remain casual during the first hours of the evening when she must make appearances and be the hostess. Ob seems to feel the pull, and has been just as attentive to her.

She thinks briefly of the babe... at least this time they are prepared. They will keep a cradle for him in their room, until he is old enough to share the nursery with Chloe and whoever might be visiting. What happens once he is older will be taken one step at a time.

Looking up she smiles as Ob sets a glass of fresh juice on the table. "I see Tori took care of the problem and left with her man... just the way it should be." Pandora frowns a little... "You said something; I read it in your mind, you weren't bad were you?" Ob's grin tells her it was just big brother gab... to be expected with those siblings. She sighs and smiles seductively at her husband as he sits again beside her... watching the room and stroking her hair.

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