Tuesday, May 3, 2011

His large hands glide along Alise's pale skin, drifting in lazy circles around her nipples, under the full heaviness of her breasts, trailing lightly over her soft belly.

*"Chaton, ouverte pour moi. Je sup sur du meil, de votre amour..."

Her legs move as if of their own accord, giving way as he gently rubs a thumb along her puffy slit. Alise moans softly as he leans close to blow along the warm wetness glazing her thighs. The silky length of Stoney's hair glides along her legs, making her shudder, and he hides a smile as he presses a kiss to her core. His tongue explores, licking and teasing, until he finds her stiff bud. Holding her wet lips open wide, Stoney suckles, lips tugging, teeth scraping lightly.  He opens the link between them and the feelings coming from Tori. The double assault on her senses, has Alise bucking wildly.

Strands of her golden hair are matted against her face. Rising above her, Stoney gently smooths them off her forehead, before kissing her nearly senseless as he rubs the hard length of his rampant cock between her legs. Her legs wrap around his waist and Stoney rolls, pulling her on top.

Alise presses down, grinding over his massive erection and smiles. Stoney moans, head rolling at the sensations flooding him. He groans and Alise wraps her hand around as much of his girth as she can. Moving forward, she rubs along him until the very tip of him brushes her wet opening. She moans loudly and he shudders as he feels her muscles clench in anticipation.

"Relax Chaton... or...  I won't... fit..."

His words are broken by harsh pants, belying his own desperate need. Alise rolls her hips, working the head of his cock into her tight opening. He groans, hands sliding to her hips and gripping tight. Head back, mouth open, Alise moans as she works backwards, taking her husband's monster cock inch by slow inch. Both are trembling by the time she is halfway. Stoney fights the impulse to plunge deep, knowing she can feel the desire to do so. Alise grins down at him, lavender eyes nearly deep blue with lust. Stoney rolls his hips, taking her off guard as he forces another inch deeper.

Sinking her hands in the black silk of Stoney's hair, Alise leans forward to rub the hard nipples of her full breasts against his own. Stoney growls and tightens his grip harder, making Alise writhe. Another inch sinks deeper and both pause, letting her adjust to the fullness. Alise rears back, rising up slightly on her knees. Her hands cup her breasts, showing them to Stoney. His eyes gleam. His tongue wets his lips hungrily, and a growl rumbles in his chest.

Bending her head, Alise sweeps her tongue over her lower lip. She throws her head back, mouth opening on a small scream as her knees separate and she DROPS. Stoney's body arches hard, bucking as her tight channel swallows him to the hilt. He feels Alise pulse around him, her cuntal walls clamping and releasing. Stoney fights to hold still, letting her start her ride. Long moments stretch and he grits his teeth against the need to thrust.

Alise plants her hands on her husband's chest and begins to move. Each long slow stroke is exquisite. He can feel every flex, as she can feel his. Soon his sensations blend with hers, becoming nothing but one erotic ride. His balls draw up tight, painfully clenching until his back arches and Stoney thrusts hard on Alise's next drop. He roars, feeling the rush spilling into her as she clenches hard, rocketing into her own orgasm in response. Gripping her hips hard, Stoney holds Alise in place as they grind against each other. Time is lost until Alise collapses on his chest, rolling her hips slightly as he shudders.

Smoothing her hair across her back, Stoney kisses her gently, caressing her cheek with his lips. His voice is soft, a bare whisper, ^"Je suis désolé, mon amour... vos hanches seront peints en bleus."

Alise laughs softly, moaning as she moves and his still embedded cock rubs deep within.  **"Je ne me plains, Chiot. But I will be sore tomorrow..."

*Chaton... open for me. I would sup on the sweet honey of your love...

^I am sorry my love... your hips will be painted in bruises.

**I am not complaining, Chiot.

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