Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Later that afternoon Tannr arrives back at the Tavern after taking Alise and Tomas home in Eriks jeep. The rest of the family had gone with Ramji. As he entered the tavern he smiled, remembering seeing Tomas earlier. When the little boy had seen him enter he set up a squealing and waving something around, wanting Tannr to see it.

Tannr picked Tomas up, “What are you so excited about? Whats this?”

Alise chuckled as she walked by, “Its Batman. Jack gave it to him and Nick will have a stroke when he sees it.”

“Batman! Nannananna...” Tomas tries to sing the theme song and Tannr laughed at the little boys antics and the thought of what Nicks face would look like when he saw the large action figure.

The tavern was quiet this time of day. Only a couple of patrons at the bar and Monty was wiping glasses and hanging them up.

Star came down the stairs carrying Mera and stops in front of Tannr.

“Hi, can we go now?”

“Yeah, in a hurry? Wheres Erik?” Tannr grinned, Erik had told him how anxious Star was to go home. She enjoyed seeing family and friends but still preferred to be home in the woods.

“What time are you talking to Marcus?” Star asks, her eyes going yellow with curiousity.

“How did you...” Tannr stops himself and answers, “Around six...”

“Good, then we have time to get home. Lets go...” and Star heads for the door.

“But shouldnt we wait for Erik and Ru?” Tannr hesitates.

“They will be right down...”

“Okay...” I wonder how Erik gets used to her knowing things, big things, little things, its kinda creepy...

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