Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pandora had felt uneasy the last few days...when Ob's vision had hit her the other night she almost gagged and vomited on the spot; but managed to make the ladies room. She had always felt safe at the tavern... but finding the remains in the alley was so disturbing.

Ob assured her with the wards intact; and all the eyes watching; there was no real danger... but she saw things now with a mother's eyes... and she feared for the children, so innocent and unawares. Alise shared her concern; but Star seemed so sure of her place among the creatures that she felt no real fear. Eric and Keon worried for her though... and she was watched by many unseen eyes.
Tonight Ob shared the evening with Pandora; playing now with Chloe... throwing her up and laughing as she glided slowly down using her wings... each week they grew a little stronger; beginning to hold her aloft, instead of just halting her plummet toward the earth. Ob reveled in his daughter and her delight at "flying"....she was a true gargoyle at heart. She watched Ike and Tori with great intent at times; wanting to emulate their movements.

Drawing her thoughts back from dark places; Pandora laughed as Chloe clutched Ob's hair and planted a big wet baby girl kiss on his face.....

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