Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 10:43 P.M. Samantha Blake and Karen Prentiss had just gotten into the wrong cab with the wrong handsome young man. It was going to cost them.

His name was Brad, he said; he was a junior clerk at a law firm, but he had ambitions... one of which involved the lovely blondes sharing the cab with him. Karen and Samantha were already a bit tipsy when they left the tavern, and after Brad produced a pocket flask... well, it didn't take long to convince them to come home with him for some fun and games. It wasn't the first time the girls had double-teamed one man, and they were certain it wouldn't be the last.

In this, as it happened, they were mistaken.

The cab pulled to a halt in front of a small but neat house and - after much teasing and laughing - the cabbie was persuaded to join the trio, to film the proceedings, and perhaps to share in them.

Flushed with anticipation and alcohol, the trio - now a quartet - entered the humble bachelor's quarters. Brad brought fresh drinks - and a camcorder - and the party got underway. Samantha and Karen took turns kissing their handsome companion, and each other. Kissing turned to necking and the hormonal pot started to steam… and then boil. Presently clothing felt hot, restrictive and uncomfortable and thus was set aside for a time. The cabbie faithfully recorded it all until Karen and Samantha persuaded him to join in the festivities....

Hours later, happily exhausted, the girls slept the sleep of the deeply inebriated. As it happened, that was a good thing. Neither saw the flash of the blade, and by the time their brains alerted them to the terrible thing that had been done to them, it was already too late.

Thus, too, they were spared the horrors and indignities of the following hour....

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