Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pandora lounged on her favorite sofa in the tavern..a basket of chips and a saucer of hot salsa beside her. It was so quiet now that all the guests and family had returned to their homes; Chloe napped as she did every afternoon,she would remain up with her daddy as late as she could tonight.

Pandora glanced at the window..noting it would just be a couple of hours till Ob joined her and they had their first quiet evening in awhile.Tonight the shifter band played... and they could relax, and perhaps visit a little with the regulars who frequented the tavern nightly.

Her hand slipped to her belly as she felt the fluttering again... and the tiny probing sensation on the edges of her consciousness. Their son was trying to communicate much earlier than Chloe had... perhaps it was the genetics of the daemon side... she felt a wash of love at the thought of the new babe... he would be so like his father; and sure to try her patience in every way possible

Pandora gasped in surprise; she felt a rush of warmth and love... and it was not Ob's style, she was sure it was her son... and knew he had felt her love for him only moments before.

"Its only the beginning bruha"... she felt Ob whispering in her mind.. ."I think the daemon child is linked closer to his mother than most; I know I was to my mother."

"Be patient with him my love, for he loves you as no other... he will try your heart with his actions, but you must be there for him." Pandora's heart swelled, she knew he was speaking from his experience... his childhood; and she knew their son would never know the feeling of outcast that plagued Obsidian's childhood.

All the children of the extended family were different and unique unto themselves... there would be no norm to which he would be held in comparison. She hoped they would be successful in fulfilling the potential of each of the babies as they reached out and grasped at the interests that would mold the men and women they would become.

Pandora felt tired, and turning on her side drifted off to sleep... she stirred briefly as she felt Patti spread a soft blanket over her and then her thoughts drifted to Ob... and sleeping in his strong arms....

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