Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lunar Eclipse takes its break just on the midnight hour. Byte slips Tori a note, before he heads off to meet his girl at the bar. She laughs slipping the note in a pocket of her skinny jeans. Tannr watches Byte walk away.

Tori cups Tannr's face and kisses him. Pulling away she winks at Byte over Tannr's shoulder as she leans close and whispers in his ear. "They want to know if you had boulders for balls before we started sleeping together, or if they gathered gravel in our nights together. You just impressed the hell out of a group of shifter men."

Tannr moves just enough to slide his good arm around her waist and pulls Tori across his lap. He kisses her deeply. Tori growls deep in her chest. Her nails grip into his shoulders as she leans back, lips just brushing his.

"Let's get the fuck out of here..."

Grabbing Tannr's hand, Tori draws him to his feet. He wobbles a little and Tori grins, teasingly. "Hmmmmm. I can carry you upstairs..." Tannr raises a brow and scoops her up, tossing her over his good shoulder. Ob chokes on his drink, waiting for Tori to explode. Instead she slaps Tannr's lower back and yells "Yah Mule!"

The red-haired Viking growls softly. "Mule? What makes you think I am a mule?"

She grins behind his back. "You are stubborn. You are hard to get moving when you don't..." He heads for the stairs, long strides carrying them through the tables, and up to the next landing. "want to... and you are hung like one..."

Tannr kicks closed the door behind them, dropping Tori on the bed. She grins and watches as he starts to open his pants. Watching intently, Tori licks her lips. A groan of frustration draws her eyes upwards and Tori moves to take over. Her mouth glides over him as she frees him from his jeans. Tannr moans, knees going week as her forked tongue wraps around his girth.

When his moans turn to a groan of pain, from clenching his hands into fists in her cropped hair, Tori forces Tannr backwards until he sits in the room's chair. Tori kisses him gently, stroking her fingers along his heavy erection. Her green eyes ripple with heat waves.

"Sit back and relax, and let me see if I can make you forget all about your pain..."

Slipping back to her knees, Tori strokes his length, bringing it back to throbbing hardness. When the wet heat of her mouth Tannr's eyes close, head falling backwards. Pain recedes behind pleasure until morning finds them sated, drifting in and out of a light slumber. Tori slips from the bed, knowing she would break the frame when stone overtakes her form. Tannr pulls her to him, cupping her face. She smiles into his eyes.

"Sleep well, my Mule. Time for me to take a more demonic form."

Tannr's voice is gravelly, lethargy pulling him deeper towards sleep as he struggles for a few last minutes.

"No demon... My angel... all spitfire and passion..."

Tori kisses him gently. "Go to sleep Coppertop." His eyes close and she kisses him again. "I love you too... Goddess help us both."

Stepping to the end of the bed, Tori stretches, feeling her skin tighten and the stone steal through her limbs. Crouching slightly, Tori turns to watch the door. Her features pull, elongating, mouth opening in a Viper's grin as her wings fold across her back. Soon, Tori is no more. In her place a stone gargoyle watches over Tannr's sleep.

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