Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm helping Raina with the dishes while Ky works out in the big vacant room she uses for a gym. She leans in and kisses me, leaning in to nip lightly at my neck. I make an appreciative sound and tease, "Looks like you're picking up Nick's habits…."

She gives me a bawdy eye. "Is that a bad thing?"

"No, never." I lean in and capture her mouth with mine; this is the most fun I've ever had doing dishes….

"Oh, by the way… you and I will be pairing up tonight… Ky has asked if she can borrow Nick tonight."

"Mmmmm… can't wait." Something strikes me then. "Uhhh… Raina? I'm pretty sure Nick is on patrol tonight. Are you sure about that date?"

"Oh fuck, I forgot." Kissing me again, she drops the dish cloth and heads for the "gym". I strain my hearing - it's not eavesdropping if no one cares that you're listening - and hear her tell Ky that Nick is on patrol tonight. "But you can jump his dead ass as soon as he wakes up tomorrow night - and Gareth and I will try to make things up to you tonight…."

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