Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taking to the air just as Wish landed on the lawn, Tori darted over the trees and quickly lost sight of the pale image. Closing her eyes, Tori channeled the feelings of personal magic in the woods. Each signature was different, giving different markers to the map in her mind. Small points designated the demifae and natural denizens of the woods.

There was Tannr, his energy a bright flame, hellbent on Star's glittering trail. Something pinged past him, pausing for a few moments, just long enough for Tori to recognize Wish. Moments later it was gone, pining into view in the space between Star and Tannr. Tori scans ahead. Startled, Tori catches an updraft, spiraling into it to thrust herself forward with greater speed. Star was running straight toward a place of blankness. Tori could feel the edges of the spell, but not what hid within.

Tori bursts through the treetops just in time to see Star's energy blank out. Fear drives her onward, even when she is nearly blinded by the explosion of magic that floods her being. Tori catches a branch as she drops out of the air, breaking her fall, but not the force of the tree trunk she slams into. Closing her eyes tight, the gargoyle focuses on the energies now swimming below her.

Wish is muttering. Tori feels the rising tide of the little Fae's power building, fueled by her fierce devotion. Tannr skids to a stop as Star appears in the middle of the trail, fighting the grip of two Fae nearly as dark as Keon. She tastes their magic, hissing at the malevolence directed towards a struggling Star.

Tannr changes his stance, an axe sliding into readiness for a throw. Tori drops behind him, wings spread to make it a light landing. There is a soft thud as her hooved feet strike the ground. Tannr never turns, keeping his eyes on the people before him.

"Hi Red. What's Wish doing? Looks like she is just standing there."

Tori grins, fangs flashing just as one Drow looks their way. Her tongue flicks out, tasting the air. "She is raising her energy. I am sure they feel it and aren't sure what to make of us." She hisses again, and one Drow darts a look at the other. "Hmmm... I'm not Silk, so I can't be sure, but  think that one is worried."

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