Monday, May 23, 2011

The rising sun has finally breached the treetops. The light now bathes the rooftops in golden light. Tori can feel it sliding along the edge of her half furled wings, warming the smooth line of her viper's skull. The smells of breakfast have long drifted away, replaced by the scent of fresh hay as Erik and Tannr worked in the stalls below. To her internal clock, it is about midmorning, probably 10 am.

Star's soft voice carries across the yard. Mera is singing to herself, the words are meaningless, but the sound is sweet. Tannr's voice and her sudden screams of laughter would bring a smile if a stone snake could move its visage. The clear sound of the word UP leaves an after image of Tannr holding the little girl in his strong arms. Something clenches deep inside Tori's heart, but she brushes it away, not willing to dwell on the thought of children.

Instead she turns her thoughts to a very frustrated little hero. The feel of Tomas' mind is sleepy, yet she can tell he is pouting. Tommi? He jerks, drawing back from listening to the world around his stone form. There is the sensation of near tears. What is wrong Tommi?

He reaches for her thoughts like a lifeline. Maman won't let Tara and Gracie play near me. She say they will hurt me and I need a nap. Tante Tor, I tired of sleepin'. The feeling of a pout increases.

I will talk to Maman, ok?

His relief pours through their link. No promises Tommi. But you are still sleeping the Stone Sleep. They will not hurt you in that form. But I bet you are bored, aren't you? She feels his frustration again and touches his mind gently, smoothing his thoughts like she would smooth back a stray lock of hair. Try to rest hon. I'll talk to Maman.

She gently slides from his mind and Touches Alise. The worry there is nearly overwhelming. She feels Alise jump as she calls out to her. Yo, sistah! What's going on in your corner of the morning. How's everyone holding up?

Tori hides her amusement as Alise assures her everything is fine, just fine. The haze of concern that blankets her thoughts wouldn't have fooled even the hatchlings. Tori gives her a mental hug and tells her that Tomas is bored. The room is too quiet. She assures her his body is healing and his mind is sharp. Alise agrees to let the girls play in the room as long as Tori is certain it is alright. Tori laughs. Alise, why don't you get the girls to curl up there for their naps? read the three of them a story? Hell Tomas is already sleepy, but he can't sleep. Don't the three of them nap together? The sound of something normal will probably help him sleep more easily...

Alise seems to breathe a little easier and breaks off as Tara asks for a story. Tori knows Tomas was listening to them and relaying things to his twin. She hides a half wish, drawing back into herself. The sounds of laughter and rough play has Tori listening even closer. Tannr is wrestling with one of the animals, much to Mera's delight. A soft voice touches her mind, a nearly wordless whisper. Something to think about...

She can feel her brothers and sister tune into the words. They heard it as well. Ike's mind slides along hers, seeking the owner of the voice. It seemed to be within Tori, yet without. Ob seeks anything unusual in Tori's essence. He finds nothing. Ike pronounces the voice gone. They each touch the others and slip back to themselves. Once they are gone Tori returns the words over in her mind. Keon's words come back to her.

"Where Wyldfae roam, be careful what you wish for. One never knows what will be granted."

Moments later two spritely forms stretch out on the barn roof, soaking up the rays, as Tori's body sings with the magic that seeps into her stone form.

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