Monday, May 9, 2011

Alise and Laila are busy cleaning up after supper. The children had played outside all afternoon and Alise would swear they had eaten at least half their weight at the meal.

Laila smiles, “Being outside has made them hungry. They use up a lot of energy, finally being able to get outside.” Laila lifts Gracie into the playpen and hands her a doll to play with. “I'll be right back Little One, as soon as the dishes are done...”

Gracie smiles, content with her dolls and toys. Tara sits nearby with a puzzle, concentrating on fitting the shapes into their proper spots. Tomas was watching and suddenly springs up, “Batman..nah nah nah....” He hums the theme as he looks around for his beloved action figure. He sends to Alise, Maman, Batman is outside...

Before Alise can respond the front door is open and Tomas has gone out. Laila sets down the plate she was rinsing and wipes her hands, “I'll get him. I think he left Batman in the sandbox....”

Alise responds “Thank you. I'll finish up in here.”

Laila heads out the front door and calls for Tomas. She sees the little boy holding his Batman, but his body is stiff, and she thinks she hears him growling.

Laila moves towards the sandbox and where she sees the little boy standing. “Tomas! What is wrong? You found Batman, come inside now, it is getting dark....” Her words choke and die in her throat at the sight before her.

A ghoul stands not twenty feet away from Tomas. Oh my god, oh crap... what to do? Laila stops several feet behind Tomas and says quietly, “Tommy, shhhhh.... dont attract his attention, please stop growling, send to your mama to call papa...”

But all Tomas is thinking is that he has to protect his mother, sisters and Laila from danger. Papa has said this is his job when he is at rest.

The ghoul turns and sniffs the air and catches sight of Tomas and Laila. He smiles and Laila is gagging from the stench of rotted flesh. The ghoul takes a step toward Tomas and the little boy roars a warning. Laughing the ghoul races towards Tomas and Laila. Laila tries to reach Tomas before the ghoul but the monster moves surprisingly fast. When it is a couple of feet in front of Tomas the little boys wings suddenly appear and he is in the ghouls face, growling and clawing.

A evil grin splits the ghouls face and he backhands Tomas, sending the boy flying into a tree. Laila screams and hears Alises echoing scream from the front door. Laila turns to run to Tomas and is knocked to the ground, not by the ghoul but by the ground shaking under her feet. What in the world....?

It is Stoney, in full gargoyle fury at what had been done to his son and the threat to his family. Laila scoots back a few feet, her eyes wide at the sight, then scrambles up and runs to Tomas and Alise.

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