Monday, May 23, 2011

 Laila slowly closes the phone and hands it back to Ramji. She wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She looks around the room at the people she has come to consider family. She loved all of them. Her thoughts swirling, she reaches for Ramji and he pulls her close. “I cant go. I cant be parted from you...I think I would die. I dont want to be parted from any of you...” Her gaze takes in Star, who she has come to think of as a siste,r and Stoney and Alise who have done so much for her. She looks down at Tara and picks her up, cuddling the little girl until she smiles. Laila smiles at Gracie who is clapping happily from the safety of her fathers arms.

“Can I tell Tomas?”

Alise smiles and moves to Laila, wrapping the girl in a warm embrace. “Of course you can. You need not ask.”

Star takes Tara and dances around the living room with her, the little girl delighted and giggling.

Laila slowly enters the master bedroom. The light is dim and Tori is sitting near the bed. She smiles at Laila, “You are staying arent you?”

Nodding Laila kneels at the side of the bed and gently runs a hand over Tomas' shoulder. “Can he hear me if I speak to him?”

“I think so.” Tori sends to the little boy, Wake up sleepy head, someone wants to tell you something....

Gently stroking the uninjured side of his head, Laila tells him, “Thank you Tomas. You saved me from the ghoul. You are such a brave boy, the bravest boy I have ever met. I'll be here when you wake up, with maman and papan, and Gracie and Tara. We are all waiting to see you when you wake up.”

Laila leans close and kisses the little boys forehead. Her gaze falls to the action figure that has fallen on the floor. She picks up the Batman doll and places it in the bed next to Tomas.

“Sleep tight, Little Man.”

Tori swears she sees the slightest of smiles at the corners of Tomas' mouth and then feels him slip deeper into sleep.

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