Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tori turns her head to look in Tannrs eyes. She sees nothing but love and acceptance reflected there. He kisses her forehead and whispers to her. “I'm sorry Tori... about your son...” Tannr takes a ragged breath, steeling his emotions, “I know how hard that is....”

Tori presses even tighter into Tannr, wanting to comfort him as he has with her. They spend the rest of the night in each others arms, soft whispers and touches, enjoying the closeness and tight bonds forming between them.

They watch the storms pass and the night begins to give way to a lightness, signaling the start of sunrise.

“I have to go to stone soon.”

“I know minn engill. You need to rest. Still want to go to Star and Eriks tonight for supper? We can cancel if you dont feel like it...” Erik nuzzles into her neck, not wanting to let her go.

“I want to go, its fine. Dont cancel it.” Tori sits up slowly, not wanting to part either, but not wanting to go to stone in her bed. “I should go outside....” She glances out the window, the dark steadily lifting.

Tannr nods, “I'll walk out with you.” He takes her hand in his and walks her out the balcony.

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