Thursday, May 5, 2011

Star watches the man leave and Tannr whispering to Tori. Her eyes start to shift colors, making Erik wonder what she is thinking about.

She leans against Erik and smiles, “I want to go home, its getting late. And since Gracie isnt here Mera wants to go home too..”

Erik doesnt bother asking her how she knows that, getting used to the fact that sometimes Star just knows things and can communicate with people and creatures most people cant.

“Sure Princess. Let me settle the bill and let Keon know... be right back.” Erik kisses the top of Stars head and heads to the bar.

Star stands and gives Raina a hug, then moves to stand near Tannr. “Can you come for supper tomorrow night?”

Easing back down into his chair, not wanting to admit the world was starting to tilt a bit, Tannr says, “I dont know what shape I'll be in tomorrow, Little One...”

“The next night then?” Clearly Star isnt going to give up.

“The next night, I promise.”

Star looks to Tori, “I want you to come too.”

Tori smiles and says “Sure. But it will have to be at dusk or later....”

“Thats fine. We can eat when it gets dark.” Star smiles, “Good night then.” and joins Erik who is speaking with Keon.

Raina and Tannr exchange a glance and Raina shrugs. “She has the sight, although she seems to try and hide the fact for some reason. I wonder if theres some reason you two need to be at the cabin....”

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