Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deep in the woods Ardara stops at a large outcropping of rock. With an intricate wave of her fingers a shimmering spot appears in the stone. She watches as it grows large enough for her to step through. As she enters the darkness she turns the gate closes behind her. She breathes deeply of the dark, dirt, decay, rotted vegetation, the scent of creatures that were old when Man was young. The ever present mists hide the creatures of the dark, strange breeds of snakes and spiders and other things unknown to the dwellers of the light. The air is hot and musty and Ardara smiles. Several pairs of red eyes watch her warily from the hazy mists. The path she takes travels around stones, large and small and she sees lights in the distance, stone houses and small shrines to Lolth which dot the grey landscape.

The path leads to Kudarne, one of the larger cities of Underdark and home to the Loremasters. Ardara pulls the hood of her cloak up. The silver web embroidered on the back of the hood and the purple and silver spider on the back of the cloak show her as Priestess and give her safe passage throughout the dark realm.The path takes her past one of the open air shrines to Lolth, the stones saturated with centuries of blood and other fluids best not thought of. Ardara pauses, whispering a prayer and continues on her way. In an hour or so the gates of Kudarne are in front of her. Massive stone guard towers and walls protect the city, dwarfing every creature with their massive size. Ardara enters unmolested and goes directly to the Monastery in search of Malkuth.

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