Monday, May 9, 2011

Pandora was enjoying an uninteruped meal for a change; Ob was discussing with her possible baby names..and making banter about what it would be like having their own little hellion like Stoney's son running around. Across the room they could hear Chloe entertaining the riders.

Pandora  felt a wash of emotion; and her look turned serious as she looked into Ob's eyes. 'Something is wrong Ob... I don't know exactly what, I am being torn different ways". Ob was silent as he concentrated on his siblings..."Tori; she is involved in something; shes in gargoyle mode..its really fuzzy".

Pandora had a terrible sense of dread. "Its not  just  Star's family... something else is wrong." She felt foolish as tears started down her cheeks..."This pregnancy has made me so emotional." gathering her inner witch she stopped herself, this was not the time to fall apart.

Ob had already risen and stooping to kiss Pandora he took off across the room to the riders... gathering  Chloe in his arms he told them what Pandora had felt, what he knew was happening with Tori... and said "I think you best be seeking the hell hounds out back; get in touch with Keon... something's going on... but my place is here. If I am needed I can leave Jeb in charge  and join you."

The riders moved quickly toward the back door; and Ob took a now crying Chloe to her mother, Absynthe hovering in the air above her, knowing from the tension there was danger. Pandora chided herself for not closing her emotions off sooner; now Chloe had picked it up, and she rocked her daughter and whispered soft words to comfort her. Ob had gone to talk to Jeb and alert Monty... and now returned to sit with arms around his wife and  daughter. Concealing his own sense of unrest till more was known... and wondering why Stoney had not answered.....

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