Monday, May 9, 2011

Pandora was having difficulty getting Chloe settled; and she still had that sense of dread that made her unable to relax.... Ob was pacing around trying to be patient, and she could see from the looks he exchanged with Ike ,that something was going on with their kin.

Chloe cried;."Tomas"... and she squirmed in her mother's arms; standing up she raised off the floor with her small leathery wings... "help Tomas".... Pandora tried to reach for her, but she had run farther out into the room and Pandora's ungainly figure prevented her moving as fast as she once had. Chloe  had actually risen several feet into the air as Pandora watched; when Ob reached her and captured her.

"Its okay Chloe; Stoney is there now helping Tomas, you stay here and help Papa guard the tavern." Chloe had a determined pouty look on her face as her father captured her, and her hair was vibrant with snapping filaments of color.... Pandora couldn't help admiring her little girl's courage... and how very much she looked like Ob as he held her in his arms.

Ob's glance to Pandora told her there was real danger at Stoney's; but it appeared from his stance here at the tavern he was not needed... she relaxed a little knowing that other warriors or riders were there helping Stoney. Chloe refused to return to her mother's arms; she remained on guard with her father.

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