Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jeb almost let the cigarette fall out of his mouth while he was staring into Roxi's eyes... wow, what a looker he was thinking. "Hello,"... she started hesitantly... "I'm Roxi, Traeger sent me here for dinner; I'm a new employee."

Jeb caught his breath and smiled... "Welcome Miss Roxi, to our humble abode"... and he held the door as she entered the tavern.  Roxi smiled as she looked around; it was so homey... there were fresh flowers and garlands of leaves scattered about the main room... and although there were secretive looking booths with their curtains... all they said to her was that people could have their privacy here... just as she'd heard. The couple at the bar greeted her and Monty soon had her settled and was working on a dinner to keep her coming back for more. Roxi closed her eyes and just relaxed in the soothing murmur of other people talking in the distance.

Jeb on the other hand, was not relaxed at all; he had just seen Roxi and already somehow he was drawn to her... well, he said he was turning over a new leaf....

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