Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tannr enters the tavern from the back door and looks around. Approaching the bar he asks Monty for a glass of ice water and sits on a barstool.

Ike notices the glances around the room, taking in the customers. She comes up next to him, sets her tray down and gives Monty her order.

“She isnt back yet...” Ike grins at Tannr.

“Am I that obvious?” Tannr replies with a grin of his own.

“No, not really. I can just tell you look for her when she isnt here...” Ike's words trail off as Monty pushes a drink towards Tannr. At Tannrs raised eyebrow Monty inclines his head towards the two shifter girls sitting further down the bar.

Tannr sighs and pushes the drink back. “I dont want it. Tori isnt back and I'm not going to drink in any case until she is. Can you give it to Gunnaar?”

Ike gives him a wink, “Dont worry, I'll take care of it...” She puts her order on the tray and grabs the glass intended for Tannr with her other hand, carrying it down the bar to the girls watching.

Noises towards the back door alert Tannr and he smiles as Tori walks in. She reaches for his hand and he pulls her close. “There you are. Now I can relax. How's Nick?”

"Awwww... You can't relax? Does this mean you care?" She raises an eloquent brow, taking in the irritated voices from down the bar.

Tipping her chin, Tannrs eyes meet hers. “I guess you could say that, Red...”

Monty grins as Ike sets the glass in front of one of the young women. Her voice is a little louder than normal.

"The gentleman in question thanks you for your interest, but he is actually involved with someone."

The girl huffs, glaring daggers at Tori. She smiles sweetly, eyes flickering with flames of irritation. Cupping Tannr's face she grins, fangs showing slightly. "I missed you too, Coppertop."

Tannr lowers his face, intending to kiss Tori breathless when they are startled by a loud crash. One of the girls at the end of the bar slams her stool down in frustration, making towards the entrance. As she passes, Tori's head comes up. A rattling hiss slips from between her lips and Tori answers in kind.

The redhead slips from Tannr's lap, slithering from his arms. She stalks across the floor, as the other female poises for a fight.

Ike sends to her sister. Chill... Tannr never did more than look up when they sent the drink.

Without taking her eyes from the woman, Tori acknowledges Ike. Not the point... the scaly bitch is offended because I got what she wanted? Tough shit.

Tori's voice is smooth, lisping only slightly around her fangs. "Got a problem, hister? The man said no, thank you."

The woman snarls at Tori. "I figured a hot man like that would prefer a woman who is warm and responsive during the day. Not a cold blooded stone hearted viper like yourself."

Tori sniffs delicately, as if she smells something offensive. A small dangerous smile curves her lips. "Oh? and he would want a constrictor in his arms? Go find yourself a tree branch to hug. This man is off limits."

The woman's eyes narrow. "Better my embrace than your kiss, vipress. A lot of men enjoy having me wrapped around them. I..." Her words are cut off as Tori's hand strikes out, catching her by the throat.

"I'd rethink my next words hister, or you'll be choking on your own tail. As for the man. He turned you down." Tori shrugs. "Not my fault you can't take a refusal. Now, I've had a very... tiring night. I really don't want to kick your ass. But... bother my boyfriend again and I'll be on you like a rockslide. Hiss at me again, and I'll rip that forked tongue out by the root. Are we," Tori smiles, malice dripping instead of venom, "understood?"

The woman tears herself loose from Tori's grip, coughing. her face contorts as she glances past Tori to where Tannr leans against the bar. "Not enough man for me, if he has to hide behind you snakehead."

Tori watches her, the smile turning sardonic. "Then you don't know a real man."

Turning her back on the woman, Tori puckers her lips at Tannr. The woman strikes soundlessly, but Tori is already in motion. Spinning on her heel, she drops the woman with a kick to her midriff.

As the woman struggles to breath, Tori looks her over. Jeb looms over her, looking at the woman but not moving to help her up. Ike smiles sweetly as she looks at the woman's friend. "I gather the two of you can slither out on your own?"

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