Thursday, May 5, 2011

What the hell...?

I wake up with my hands bound to the headboard with half-inch nylon rope and a naked K'thyri grinning down at me. She's astride my thighs and her hand is slowly gliding up and down my throbbing shaft. "Evening, sleepyhead."

I lift my hands the six inches the ropes will allow. "You realize I can break these like cheap yarn."

"I know." The grin is all over her face. "It's just a reminder, mostly."

"A reminder of what?"

"To lie back and enjoy yourself." The words are a husky whisper. "See, Nick, I like a lot of different things. Sometimes - like last time - I like it fast and hard and rough. Sometimes - like tonight - I like to take charge, to make my lover crazy, lick him and suck him and ride him, give him everything his pervy little heart desires and just make him cum over and over, all night long." Her eyes are hot, her nipples hard. She leans forward till they brush my chest and kisses me, long and slow and thorough, her tongue lazily exploring my mouth... Her mouth goes lower, her full lips plucking at the skin of my throat, sharp teeth nipping... taking my throat between her teeth, holding me immobile while her tongue laps at my neck; then upward to lick and suck and nibble at my earlobe. Her voice is warm and soft yet a little rough, too, like suede. "I'm going to fuck you, Nick."

She shifts position, sitting just above my face. "Watch." She strokes a finger between her folds, draws it over her clit with a soft moan. As I watch, she parts her glistening lips, stroking till she's wide open... now the caresses come faster, two fingers probing her pussy, thumb bearing down hard on her clit.

"Mmmm, this feels so good... you want my pussy, don't you, Nick? You want to fuck me good... Lick my pussy, lover, I'm gonna cum all over your face...."

She leans forward as she lowers her pussy to my waiting mouth and as I get my first taste of her wetness, her lips close over the head of my cock. I probe her with my tongue as her tongue swirls slowly around the head, tasting me... I moan into her as she takes another deliberate inch...

I match my tempo to hers, spreading her wide and delving deep. Her mouth surrounds me, slowly taking me deeper, deeper... she teases my balls with her nails and I draw a line straight to her clit. I lap at her swollen pearl, slow, teasing swipes, her juices glazing my mouth... she moans around my shaft and my hips jerk, my cock plunging deeper. She pulls back teasingly, letting her teeth just glide along my hardness. Now it's my turn to moan, with my lips fastened tight to her clit... Ky begins to ride my mouth, my tongue, opening her mouth to take me in fully... taking me down her throat as she fucks my face.

I feel a tremor beginning in her thighs, tension along her spine... I stab my tongue deep, fast and hard, again and again. She screams without losing my cock for a second and she floods my mouth and face as I burst in her mouth, cumming hard, together, moaning and wailing, jerking uncontrollably - and the ropes snap like thread....

After we catch our breath (metaphorically in my case), we move into each others' arms, kissing - slow and lingering - tasting the remnants of our excitement in our lover's mouth. I let my hands trail over Ky's naked flesh and she presses closer. "Mmmm, that was nice," she purrs. "I want more...."

Some time later….

We're still snuggled close, necking… Ky has draped one leg over my hip so we can be closer still. The kissing is still slow and lingering; we're savoring every part of this experience….

"Nick?" It's little more than a whisper.


"Do you think I'm a big ol' perv?"

I smile. "Absolutely."

She looks shocked. "Thanks a lot, vampire."

"Wait." I pull her back from where she'd backed off. "Compared to 'normal' people, yes, you're a perv. So am I. So is Raina. Even Gareth qualifies." Now she's smiling again. "What brought that up?"

"Never mind."

"Hey, you can't have an opening like that and just leave me hanging. What's up?"

"If you make fun of me I'm gonna beat your ass."

"I won't make fun of you..."

"Well… I just had a really perverted thought."


"Yeah." She looks uneasy. "This isn't a hint… it was just something that popped into my head."

"Out with it."

"I was thinking… what it would be like to ride you… with Gareth fucking my ass while I licked Raina's pussy."

I grin. "Yep. Perverted."

She punches my shoulder, but she's smiling. "Asshole. Like you've never taken it up the ass…."

"I never said I hadn't." I prop my face up on a hand. "Look, Ky, we're all different from the mainstream, not just because we're not human. We're all bi; that sets us apart from the norm even if we were all human; and our 'morality' isn't society's norm, either. It doesn't make us evil or perverted, it just makes us different. Me, I like being different. Who wants to be a copy of someone else?" I make a disgusted face. "Not me. Phooey."

She laughs. "I like being who I am; I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks - but you and Gareth and Raina are different. You're important to me. I want you to think well of me."

"We do, Ky. Truth is " - I lock eyes with her - "we all love you - not because you're a helluva lover - which you are - but because you're K'thyri. And let me repeat that once more so I can make sure you didn't miss anything." I speak slowly and distinctly, as if speaking to a child. "I love you, Ky. So does Gareth, and so does Raina."

Now she looks shocked again. "Nick… we're lovers, and that's not going to change. You don't have to say that."

"K'thyri… I'm saying it because I mean it, and because I've wanted to say it for a long time. I've held back this long because I didn't want you to think I was saying it just to get into your pants."

She giggles. "No way your ass would fit in my pants. Sometimes my ass has trouble fitting in them."

I grin and kiss her, hard.

Still later….

The ropes are back in place; fortunately, they were pretty long. Ky is straddling my thighs again, gliding a hand up and down the underside of my cock. "Are you ready, baby?"

"I'm always ready for you."

She rises up, moves forward and slowly sinks down on my cock, taking me in an inch at a time and squeezing rhythmically. "Mmmm… that feels good, Nick. You've got me stretched so tight… do you like the way my pussy feels?"

"God, yes!" My voice is hoarse, raspy. Ky smiles - a warm, happy smile - and sinks down another inch.

"Gods, I'm so wet for you… I've been wanting to do this every night since our first time…" Another inch, and I groan deep in my chest.

"I love the way your cock feels in my pussy… so hard and thick… I'm going to fuck you all night long, Nick. And who knows? Maybe one day we'll try out my fantasy…."

She drops the rest of the way and suddenly I'm fully inside her. "God…,"I moan as she begins to ride me, slowly. At first she just rocks back and forth, short, shallow strokes that keep us both excited without making an orgasm imminent. Then she switches to rotating her hips like a belly dancer, screwing herself down on me with longer, deeper movements, but still slow…. I thrust up to meet her, sometimes in synch with her, but more than often not.

It doesn't seem to matter; every time I fill her pussy her head goes back and she moans raggedly. She squeezes her tits, pinches and twists her nipples as her thrusts become faster, more vigorous. "Gods, Nick, fuck me! Fuck me!" Her rhythm is gone, she's just slamming down now, impaling her pussy on my cock, hard and fast.

"Gods, Ky… damn, you're so good…." I thrust up as she drops onto me, piercing herself to the core and suddenly she ripples and screams out. "Gods baby don't stop I'm cumming!" I pound into her as she shakes and moans and drives herself onto me. Abruptly she lifts herself off my cock, turning to face my feet; then she drops back onto my cock, working it from another angle. I can see her in the mirror on the wall, strumming her clit as she rides my cock - hard, fast, deep. She gushes her juices onto my thighs, fucking me frantically, cumming with abandon, again and again. My back arches like a bow - and there go the ropes again….

And finally… later….

"You're sure about this?"

Ky gives me an amazing smile; maybe there's the beginnings of something new there. It would be nice to think so….

"Nick… I guess you could say this is symbolic… for me, too. I want you to know that I'm not holding anything back… and maybe I need to do it for myself, too."

I give her a puzzled smile. "If you say so, Ky… I'm sure not gonna refuse."

She goes to her knees and brings her ass up. "Then lube me up and fuck my ass."

I take my time with the lube, giving her a chance to relax… and myself a chance to recover from the last time. I'm going to need to feed after this….

She's so gorgeous as she waits, squirming a little as I ease the lube into her pretty ass, stretching her… "Now, Nick… don't make me wait…."

I kneel behind her, line up my cock and slowly, carefully ease into her. I let her ease back at her own pace, taking me in… stopping now and then to take a deep breath before easing back again… until finally my cock is buried deep in her tight ass.

She stops there, unmoving, just for a minute; then she moves forward, easing me out, almost all the way… and she looks back over her shoulder.

"Fuck me, Nick."

I begin thrusting, shallowly at first, watching for any sign of pain; then faster, deeper, till I'm slamming into her hard and fast. Ky slams back to meet me with equal enthusiasm; I guess she's one of those rare women who gets off on anal sex "Gods, yes, Nick, just like that, baby! God, you're so good! Fuck my ass, baby, do it!"

I take her at her word. Her fingers are pumping her pussy furiously as I fill her ass with my shaft, over and over and over. She clenches around me, wailing…

I'm close to the edge… closer….

She cries out as I spurt into her ass, jetting inside her… her fingers are a blur as she clamps tight around my cock, cumming as I cum, blasting deep inside her….

Two a.m.

No, we didn't fuck all night long, despite Ky's intention to do just that. We snuggled and necked and kissed… and we talked, maybe more that we've ever talked before.

I love Raina, and nothing can ever change that. For as long as I live, she'll always be the love of my life - or unlife. Whatever.

But I love Gareth, too, and now K'thyri, and it's just as real, just as legitimate as my love for Raina.

If you think about it, ordinary people have lots of people that they love - their parents, their siblings, their significant others, their kids - hell, even their pets! Who's to say that one kind of love is more legitimate than another - and who gives someone else the authority to decide that for the rest of us?

'Nuff said.

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