Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ardara ignores the screams and steps into the room. After all, the heretics need to be convinced of the error of their ways, one way or another...

Malkuth raises an eyebrow at her question. “Gargoyles? I know enough and I know there arent any in Underdark...”

Moving silently to a window, Ardara glances out over the towers of the Monastery, the dark mists swirling below. She sees men scurrying, servants probably, between the buildings. She gives a slight shrug and turns back to Malkuth.

“I want to capture one... to present to Lolth. It would be a magnificent 'gift', dont you agree?”

Malkuth watches Ardara carefully. He knew from experience one did not mock or chide Priestess Ardara, unless one wanted to be sacrificed or enslaved. Neither idea appealed to the Loremaster and he framed his questions carefully.

“Where did you see this gargoyle? Have you seen it in human and stone form?”

“I saw her in the woods, near the cabin Nathlyn and his men are watching, the one where the supposed savior warrior resides..” Ardara sneered at these last words, not believing in prophecy from any other race.

Malkuth nods and asks a few more questions before retrieving a large dusty book from one of the many shelves in his cell. He dusts it off carefully and flips through a few pages before finding the one he wants.

“You do realize she would be almost impossible to move in stone form? Your plan will have to be to capture her at night and get her in some kind of cell that she cannot turn back to stone and smash her way out of... Hmmm... they are elemental creatures, I am not sure if bringing her to Underdark would keep her in human form or not. And I dont imagine she will just offer up such information, not without considerable... persausion... Let me consult with another of our brethren. Please... make yourself at home. I will send a servant with food and drink and return shortly with the information that you need.” He turns back to Ardara before he steps through the doorway and asks, “How soon were you planning this?”

Smiling evilly Ardara replies, “During the next eclipse, the day without a night and the night without day.. a perfect omen... And then there is the small matter of revenge...”

“Revenge, my Priestess?”

“Yes. You remember my half sister Morgan?” At Malkuths nod, Ardara continues. “It seems this particular family of gargoyles was instrumental in her death. It is only fitting that they should pay with one of their own...”

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