Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tomas slowly opens his eyes and looks around. His limbs are losing the heavy feeling and he can stretch his arms out. His skin still looks pale, but not really like stone, like papans does when he sleeps. He turns his head and is met face to face with black fur, large green eyes and a face full of ticklish whiskers.

Panther nudges and licks the little boys face, causing a peal of squeals and giggles to ring out.

In the kitchen Alise hears the sound and drops the spoon she was stirring batter with into the bowl and she hurries into the bedroom. She smiles as she sees Rainas panther playing with her son, the girls still sleeping on the large bed.

Tomas sees her and holds his arms out, “Maman!”

Alise goes to him and lifts him into her lap and she wraps her arms around him. “ brave boy...How are you feeling?”

Alise gently holds him, afraid of hurting his back with the newly emerged wings.

Tomas sends his thoughts to her, Tomas gargoyle, like Papan.... He flaps his wings making Alise laugh.

“Yes, just like papan...”

His expression turns suddenly serious and Tomas looks around the room. Lala? Where is Lala?

“She is fine, upstairs resting, waiting for you to wake up. Should we invite her and Ramji to supper? I am making your favorite...”

Tomas sends a picture of tacos and french fries and Alise starts to laugh. “Yes, that is what I am making... and sugar cookies....”

Stoney appears in the doorway and Alise smiles. Tomas' head snaps up at sound of his fathers voice greeting his mother. He scrambles off Alises lap and turns so his father can plainly see the wings.

Regardez! Les ailes!”*

*Look! Wings!

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