Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Tavern is closed for the day, but the day's work is far from done.
There are tables and booths to be cleaned, floors to be swept and innumerable dishes and glasses to be washed. Even with the wait staff pitching in, the sun will be up before Monty can call it a day. Fortunately he doesn't require much sleep....

Patti gives him a smile as he passes, a bulging 30-gallon trash bag in either hand. He's deceptively strong, a fact that has stood him in good stead more than once. Carlos, one of Tori's "kids", turns the knob for him and Monty gives him a smile as he shoulders the heavy steel door open. He glances upwards, seeking the stars, even though they are not easily seen. Clouds overhead have blocked out their faint shine and he sighs. Two shadows drift across his sight, and he wishes momentarily for the night vision that blesses so many Shifters. It would have been nice to know who was watching Exton from above.

A putrid scent drifts on the slight breeze. Monty wrinkles his nose against the smell and tosses the bags, figuring trash pickup was late again. When the bags thump against the bottom, he takes a peek inside. Nearly empty, and not smelling THAT bad. It isn't until he steps away that the scent really catches his attention. It smells sour and fetid, like rotting meat. Looking up and down the alley, Monty spies one of the Hell Hounds sniffing at a bundle just down the alley. He approaches slowly and the Hound raises its head. It paws at the bundle and dances back as a wave of foul aroma drifts upwards. It isn't until Monty moves closer that he sees the bundle is blood soaked. The Hound paws again, and something rolls from the pile. Monty gags, turning away when he realizes it is a skull, a human shaped skull.

Carlos sticks his head out the back door. "Ewww! Dude, what the..."

Patti can be heard telling the kid to curb his language if he ever wants to help in the bar itself. "What is that smell?"

Monty glances at the pile. "A problem. Tell Ob and Jeb I need help." As the door begins to close, he adds, "Don't let any of the ladies know there is trouble."

Carlos nods and disappears. Moments later, Jeb saunters down the alley from the street. Ob slips silently out the back door. The look in his pale eyes is the one he has when connected with his Kin.

"Merde! What died out here!" The gargoyle closes the door behind him.

Monty stares at the pile, breathing shallowly to keep his stomach from rebelling. "Not what... who."

Jeb stands over the bundle, staring down. He clears his throat. His voice is deep, rumbling as the werewolf in him scents the air. "Um, guys... I recognize this dress. Tori kicked her ass... last night."

Ob and Monty stare at each other. Monty begins to curse in Spanish as Ob clicks open his phone. His voice is quiet as someone answers the other end.

"Mortuis? This is Ob, We have a situation." He listens carefully. "Back alley. The Tavern"

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