Monday, May 9, 2011

Star speaks without looking, sounding all the world like Keon in his Court mode. She touches Tomas' wings, noting their positions.

"Wish, we have need of Tori. Stoney needs to be focused on the intruder."

Wish bows low and dances to a spot between the Gargoyles. She eyes the grip Tori has on the creatures shoulders. Her sharp talons pierce the muscles. Wish smiles sweetly, the power flowing through her adding a touch of insanity to her innocence.

"Let me relieve ye of that burden Mistress Viper. Yer Kin has need of ye. Give me but a moment to prepare?"

Skipping to an elm growing at the edge of the yard, Wish speaks softly to it. A branch drops, twirling as it descends. She holds out her hand and it lands gently on her palms. She bows, thanking the tree for its assistance. She bounds across the yard, spinning to a stop beneath the hovering gargoyle.

Shoving the raw end of the wood into the ground, Wish softly sings. The words are ethereal, yet a touch of malice dances within the enchanting tune. The branch grows, spreading upwards, widening its branch into a trunk. A face appears in the ridges of the bark. Eyes open and fix on the ghoul in Tori's grasp.

Tori gasps, "*Crann Tire..."

The creature nods slowly, creaking as it moves. Twisted limbs reach out, twiglike fingers wrap around the ghoul's arms as Tori lets go and drops her captive into the waiting "hands". The Crann Tire pulls, making the ghoul's arms taut. The creature screams. The Tree Man blinks, bark crinkling into a grin. It lowers the ghoul  within Stoney's reach and crackles out the words, "You have questions for this one?"

Tori turns on the wing and sweeps across the yard to where Tannr is carefully holding her nephew.

*Tree Folk

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