Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tannr comes up behind Tori and gently touches a shoulder. “It's just me Red...” An arm goes around her waist, pulling her backside into Tannr, his other arm circling her shoulders, lips close to her ear.

“Feel better? I told you I'm not going anywhere, not with her or anyone else.”

“She just really pissed me off....are you mad?” Tori was hoping her temper hadnt given Tannr second thoughts.

Shaking his head Tannr smiles. “No, I understand. Everyone is getting pretty stressed, the murders, the patrols...”

Tori sighs and finally relaxing leans back into Tannr.

Tannr continues, “How about we just go home? A hot shower, a back rub, maybe a bottle of wine...”

Tori tosses her head back, “Seriously? Goddess... that sounds great. I need to check something on the computer first.” She turns in his arms to face him, “Can we stop by the gallery on the way? I want to check on my 'kids'."

“Absolutely. Of course we can stop.”

Tori grins and heads to the bar where her laptop is stored. Over her shoulder she tells Tannr, “Monty knows what kind of wine I like...”

Tannr laughs and heads towards the bar. Waiting for Monty he takes a seat and looks around the bar. His gaze stops on Tori's brother Ob who seems to be watching him, with an almost amused expression on his face.

Bloody Hel! He is not going to do the 'big brother' thing now is he??

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