Sunday, May 15, 2011

Laila silently takes the phone back and dials her sisters number. Star is seeing Rowan out since she received a call to help with a delivery. Alise stands in the doorway to her bedroom, wanting to be close to Stoney who was on the porch talking to the men but at the same time loath to leave her son.

As Star closes the door and turns back into the living room Laila bursts into tears. Stars eyes go wide wondering who she is talking to that could have upset her so badly. Through her heartbroken sobs, her words stab both Alise and Star.

“Maybe I need to leave, I am a danger to the children and I wont have them harmed or worse because of me...” The rest of her words are unintelligible, lost in tears as Laila breaks down.

Alise is distraught and sends to Stoney, NO...Stoney...come here...dont let her go..please talk to her.... and she starts to cry, overwhelmed by all that has transpired in so short a time.

Star moves to Laila and wraps her arms around her. “Sshhh... you dont have to cant leave...”

Laila shakes her head unable to speak and hands Star the phone. Star speaks with Thea briefly and hangs up. “They are coming. Thea said they will be over, we just have to let the sorcerer know... She said to tell you not to go anywhere, Lord Adrian will take care of Rath if Nicholas does not...”

Ramji had arrived and was being filled in on what happened while he was on patrol. His head snaps up when he hears the sobs and suddenly Stoney excuses himself and enters the house. Ramji follows and moves immediately to Laila, taking her in his arms and whispering to her, calming her with his touch and words.

Alise is beside herself, her hands covering her face. Dont let her go... Stoney, she is as a daughter to me, please tell her. The children would be heartbroken...Tomas will be crushed if she is gone when he awakens...

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