Monday, May 9, 2011

Alise thought her heart had stopped when she stepped outside to see what was keeping her son and Laila. A moments hesitation, her mind not registering what her eyes were seeing, then the scream of pure fear. A mothers fear for her child. Stoney felt it instantly, the blinding fear, worse than anything he had felt from her when she had been held prisoner.

As Stoney battled the ghoul, Alise knelt by her son and cried. Her face in her hands at first, certain he was dead. “Laila, mon Dieu... what happened? How did that monster get in here? My son, theres so much blood.... and his skin is grey... like Stoneys when he....”

Suddenly Star was there, kneeling with her friends. Laila looked over and saw another gargoyle but the fact barely registered in her worry over Tomas. Tannr and Erik arrived with Wish, Erik taking a spot between the ghoul and the group with Tomas. Wish stayed closer to Star but it was obvious she was guarding her. Tannr approached the women. Star was checking Tomas for any broken bones, carefully examining his neck, then the wound to his forehead. “He has a nasty gash, but nothing broken that I can see or feel.”

She turns to Alise who cant stop crying and wraps and arm around her. “He will be fine, Alise. I know he will be. He just got knocked out...”

“But so much blood...” Alise is almost incoherent with fear.

“Head wounds do that, you know it. And his wings seem to have just popped out, so there is bleeding there too, but he's going to be fine. I will call Rowan and we will take care of him.”

Tannr kneels and runs a hand through the blond waves, so like his mothers. “He's going to be fine, Alise. Just checking out for a bit. He got knocked pretty hard I imagine.”

Star takes Alises shoulders in her hands, “Stop now. Your son needs you, and the girls too. You cannot do this now...”

Alise is startled by the firm tone Star has taken with her and her eyes go wide for an instant. She wipes the tears from her face, “You are right. This is not the time to fall to pieces...” She turns at the sound of crying and screaming from the house.. “Tara....”

Laila stands, “I”ll take care of the girls...” and heads into the house.

Mon Dieu... I cannot lift him, he must be changing....” Alise struggles to pick Tomas up.

“Let me take him Alise...” Tannr easily scoops up the little boy and stands with him cradled in his arms.

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