Monday, May 9, 2011

The touch on his senses is annoyed. There is the sensation of tossing a tool across a room and a few well placed explosive words of French. Nothing is wrong here that a well placed punch would not solve, *mon frère. I have been commissioned to sculpt, of all things, ^une gargouille. I have yet to make one that does not look like Kin! The last is very similar to Notre-Dame's inhabitants. Ah bien... back to the drawing board, literally.

Ob shares with Pandora, showing her there is nothing on that end to worry about. Alise touches their minds with images of the children settling in to after dinner diversions and a stack of dishes to wash. Pandora settles back in her husband's arms, Chloe quieting as she sees her cousins playing. Ike hides her concern for Tori behind her frustration with a new waitress, hoping Pandora does not pick up on it. Ob glances her way with a rueful expression.

"As for Tori... Mujer, she is a big girl, if she needs us she will shout. Ike tells me that our sister has told Tannr something that few know. She has been..." He makes a face trying to find the right word. Chloe giggles and her dragon settles onto her little mistress' lap, arching into the little girl's touch. "Quisquilloso, um... touchy? on edge? Could that be what you are feeling?"

Pandora shakes her head. "It's not just that..."

Ob kisses her forehead, looking up as Dmitri comes back in from the back. Guunnar strolls back in and settles at their table as well. "See mi amor, if Guunnar returns to his food, nothing is amiss." He strokes his hand along the side of her rounded belly. "Our boy is growing quickly, si?"

Chloe scoots as best she can to lay her cheek on her maman's tummy. Her brow furrows, then she giggles as Pandora's stomach rumbles. Ike hears it and laughs as she passes their table, taking more coffee to the Riders.

"Maman... baby love you!" She pats her mother's belly. "I love maman too. No sad now?"

Ob laughs, tousling his daughter's brilliant curls. "How can mamacita be sad when the three of us love her so much?"

As Pandora kisses the top of her daughter's head, Ike touches Ob's mind. Dmitri sent 'Zade to Keon. Tori shut me out as soon as I touched her mind. Whatever is going on, we will know soon.

*my brother

^a gargoyle

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