Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pandora had just showered and was deciding what to wear; knowing Ob would be back from greeting their daughter in the nursery.

She ran a hand over her belly; her son seemed to be developing so much faster... or there was so much going on with running the tavern and chasing Chloe that it seemed to have flown. He was quite active now, and she had not experienced the continual nausea she had with Chloe; but her whims still seemed to be for spicy food.

She felt the gentle probing at her thoughts that she had whenever her mind was on her son... as if he would speak to her; but wasn't able yet to master the skill. Her dreams had ceased,but she was still a little uneasy at the prospect he might be overpowered by his daemon side as he grew older.

"Stop worrying; our son will be who he is,and we will be here to help him." Ob had stepped quietly into the room seeing her deep in thought and now stood behind her; sliding his arms around to cup her swelling belly. As if knowing his father's touch; the babe pushed up against his hands, Pandora felt the roiling motion as he moved. They both chuckled as Pandora turned in Ob's arms for a kiss; "Get dressed bruha, our daughter is chomping at the bit to go downstairs; she has got the appetite of her uncle Gunnar."

Pandora laughed and slipped into the soft Indian gauze dress... it was a shade of green that dwelt deep within her eyes, and she could see Ob's approval as they left the room to gather their daughter for dinner.

Chloe was settled again in her daddy's arms as they descended the stairs; and Pandora paused as they reached the bottom, surveying the patrons of the room. "I see dad's new employee is here, she was moving in today... I like Roxi, she has a sweet personality; but there is a bit of sadness there."

Chloe's wiggling caused Ob to answer... "Better get to the table pronto; I think our daughter is going to start grabbing food off passing plates." Pandora looked at Chloe and chuckled again, she was giving her the famished look. "Come on baby girl, let's sit and get you some of Monty's yummy food."

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