Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tori confers quietly with Rowan as Alise and Star wash the blood gently from Tomas' head and back. Laila has the girls, sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, holding them in her lap. They refuse to leave their brother, concentrating on talking to him through their private link. Tara looks up at their nanny and nods slowly.

"Chloe say, Tommi ver brave. He like... papan and Onc' Ob." She looks at her brother proudly, "He gots wings. He now real batman."

Gracie sucks on her thumb, eyes taking in everything, tracking to Tori and Rowan where they discuss mudpacks. Sliding from Laila's lap, she heads for her toys. She pulls out a small pail and shovel and toddles to her aunt. Tugging at the shaggy fur of Tori's goatlegs, she holds the set up. The thumb comes out of her mouth just long enough to say, "Dig? No Maman flowers. Tan' Tor? You, Gacie dig?"

Tori's eyes go vague as she talks to her brother. When she is sure that Wish has things well hidden from Gracie's eyes, she nods to her niece. A smile crosses Tannr's grim face. He offers his hand to Gracie and she looks up, but takes Tori's hand instead. She looks at him, then stares at the door, sending her thoughts to her aunt. Tori laughs.

"You need both hands free, Coppertop. Just in case something sneaks up on us as we get dirt to help Tomas."

Tannr hides a grin and precedes them out the door. Gracie leads them around the corner of the house, showing them a spot where Alise has a vegetable garden. Her thumb comes out again and she points. "Helfy. Maman say GOOD dirt."

She leans down, thumb back in her mouth and picks up a handful of dirt to put in the bucket. After a moment she looks up at Tori and sighs. She takes the hand holding the shovel and tries to help Tori dig. "Tan' Tor... dig."

Tannr turns, watching the yard, before Gracie can scold HIM for not doing his job. A few minutes later Tori rises with a full bucket and a very determined little girl leads the way back to the house. As they enter the door Tara announces, "Clean dirt, Helfy from Maman's garden. Gracie say no worms."

Alise hides a smile as she takes the bucket from Tori. She makes a point of thanking Gracie and the little girl runs back to Laila. She reaches up to be held and snuggles back into the young woman's arms, as Tara hugs her. Alise looks down at her son, relieved that the blood is not flowing as it was. Now it is little more than seeping.

Tomas' skin is grey, nearly the color of Stoney as he sleeps. He is heavier, impossible for her to pick up at this point. Tori and Rowan begin to make the mud to pack his wounds. As they begin packing the torn areas on his back, a sigh shudders through the small frame and he relaxes in a way he has not done since the painful bumps first emerged. Alise does not breathe easily until his head wound is packed, as are the small scratches they had not first seem. She brushes back still soft hair and watches him for a moment.

"You won't see him breathing, Alise. Tomas has slipped into stone sleep. In a little bit he will resemble a statue. It is best for this healing." Tori lays a comforting hand on her sister-in-law's shoulder.

Stoney's voice rumbles in their minds, echoing his canine form. Our Tomas did well Chaton. He is resting peacefully. His sisters and cousin made sure of that.

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