Saturday, May 7, 2011

Star and Tori are busy cleaning up the remains of supper. Happy and chatting about the gallery and Tori has been trying to convince Star that she should have a show of her artwork. Erik is holding Ruarc, telling him a story of Viking warriors and battles with gods. Star smiles, knowing Ru didnt understand the words or story, but he loved the attention from his father. The babies eyes shifting from pink to blue in his happiness.

She glances out the window at Keon and Tannr, breathless and sweaty from a mock battle of their own. They had shared supper with Star and Erik, enjoying the peaceful family time. Mera was still in her high chair, waiting for mama Star to finish so she would take her outside to watch her father.

The yells and clash of weapons makes Star a little nervous, even though she knows they are just practicing.

As she finishes the dishes a sense of uneasiness starts to spread through her. Tori notices and asks if anything is wrong. Star shrugs “I dd..dont know...”

Star glances out the window again, then to Mera and finally to Erik and Ru. She shakes her head to clear it, but the feeling persists.

Looking up Erik sees the shake and the worried look on Stars usually happy face. “Whats wrong Princess?”

“I..I dont kk..know.. I feel strange, like...” Star pauses her face crumples and she starts to cry. “It's Laila, or one of the twins.... Somethings wrong, at the cottage, someone is hurt really rr..really bb...bad... I have to gg..go....”

Tori and Erik follow her out of the cabin as Star turns and says, “I can cut through the woods, its faster...”

“Star, wait, its not safe...” Toris words trail off as Star shakes her head and sprints towards the woods.

Erik yells, Ruarc still in his arms, “Tannr!” and points as Tannr looks up from his mock fight. Without a thought or a moments hesitation he turns and in one motion grabs his axes and runs after Star.

Keon shakes his head, “She is Fae, he will nae be able to catch her.”

Tori smiles, “I can...”

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