Monday, May 23, 2011

Pike watches Wish from the edge of his sight. The colors of her hair seem dulled, even in the bright moonlight. He edges closer to feel her energies. He sprawls beside her, sending a few prayers to the Goddess. He has never seen his lifelong love so depleted.

The knife she had taken from Star's kitchen lies within reach, separate from her body to let her drink down the moon. Pike concentrates for a moment then touches her hand. Her eyes open slowly and she turns her head to look at him. Her eyes are dark pits and he grips her hand.

"I wish..."

She gives him a half smile and raises his fingers to her lips. "So do I, *crio mhionn. Let me lie beneath the Mother's blessing just a little longer. I used more of myself to raise the ^Tire Crann. Lie with me?"

Pike slides her sheathed blade within reach of her other hand and entwines his fingers in hers. "Sleep ~Freuddwyd Gollwyd. I will keep watch until the sun chases our Mother from the sky."

*heart sworn

^Tree Folk

~Lost Dream

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