Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early afternoon... Tori can feel the shift of the sun. Just a few more hours until she can take back her fleshly form. Inside her stone visage, Tori smiles and looks forward to feeling the warmth of Tannr's arms. She chides herself for letting him get to her hidden heart, something she swore would not happen again. he knows what she is, and more importantly... accepts it.

Inside the apartment her phone rings. The gargoyle listens as her message kicks in.

Thank You for calling. You have reached Other Realms, Incorporated. Unfortunately all lines are busy. If you will leave your name and phone number, we will return your call. If this is about purchasing an item from our Gallery of Artists, please browse the items available at www.... The website address is recited, along with another number and email address for faster service. Thank you again, and leave your message after the beep.

After the beep, a familiar voice fills the empty room.

"Tori, this is Trina. There was a cop here just a little bit ago. He was asking questions about some missing college girls... Said you were in an... altercation, I think that was his word... with one of them. Rosey was sweeping the sidewalk when he was here and he stopped to talk to her too. She told him yeah, you had a fight with some girl in a bar. But they got in a cab with some dude and drove off. That was the night you bought the crew pizza. Is she right? Well, anyway, I told him you keep late hours and will be in after 6:00pm. He left his card. Call me when you can? Wasn't sure if I should call the Tavern or if you wanted to clue your family." She pauses for breath. "Oh yeah... Um, can I get off early this Friday night?" There is a small pause. "I have a date..."

The machine clicks off and Tori sighs. Reaching out, she touches the still quiet minds of her Kin....

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