Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tori takes time lining her eyes, listening to the sound of the shower as Tannr finishes up. Leaning close to the mirror, she adds a small bit of pale green shadow to her lids. Large emerald eyes blink back from her reflection. She reaches for the red she normally adds, stopping herself. Not on stage tonight... Ike's mind touches hers, telling her to have fun at dinner, and to find out if there is anything Ruarc or Mera need. Goddess... you spoil the little ones!. Ike laughs and reminds her it is ok to tone down her usual color scheme. Tori's fingers close on a slightly less vibrant shade of lipstick instead of the brilliant orangy red she normally wears. She feels Ike's approval and sighs, returning to her "paint job" as her brothers liked to call it.

The bathroom door opens and Tannr strolls out in nothing but a towel and all that glorious coppery silk he calls hair. Droplets from the shower still glisten in the scattering of hairs on his chest. Tori licks her lips. Bear's head turns slightly, watching her as intently as she is Tannr. He turns, reaching for the clothes he laid out before joining her under the water earlier. Raven flicks the tips of its wings, letting Tori know it acknowledges her gaze. A white nose twitches near the edge of the towel, pulling Tori's eyes to the firm shape of his ass. Fox gazes back at her with a sparkling cinnamon stare.

"Get dressed Tannr. You are driving me nuts walking around like that."

Tannr chuckles. The sound is rich and knowing. She throws the tissue box at him and turns back to slip into her boots. Tori smooths her hands along her hips, smoothing the tight jeans where they would wrinkle. Large hands replace hers, caressing over her slim hips, her tight ass. Stifling the urge to turn and kiss him, Toei steps just out of his hands.

"We better get going, Coppertop..."

His hand tugs hers down and back, pressing the palm over his hard shaft. "I'd rather be cumming, Red. Think we have time?"

Tori moans, hand closing around the hot flesh pulsing against her palm. She strokes once, twice, listening to the shuddering moan it brings from deep in his chest. "No. But we can just be late..."

His hands caress along her pelvis, dipping between her jean covered legs. She moans as he presses a finger along the damp fabric.

"Tannr..." The soft whisper of his name has him unzipping and shoving her jeans below her knees. Shoving her over the edge of the dresser, Tannr forces her legs to open as far as the tight jeans will allow. Both moan at the feel of him working himself deep within her wet heat. Gripping her hips, Tannr pounds himself in and out as her hands seek his thighs, nails digging in to urge him faster.

Tannr bends forward, thrusting deep as he slides a hand beneath her and begins to toy with her clit, flicking and pinching, nails scraping over the tender bud. Tori arches, screaming as her orgasm spirals to new heights One last thrust, and Tannr buries himself deep. He pants, uttering nothing but animal sounds as Tori screams. She melts around him, inner walls sucking, milking him clean.

He breathes her name against the sweaty curve of her neck. "Tori...."


"Baby... Do we have to go...?"


Her whimper as he slides from deep within brings a satisfied smile to his face. He leans over her still bent body and licks along the salty arch of her neck. His hand playfully slaps her bared ass.

"Get dressed wench... My family is waiting for us..."

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