Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ob and Pandora watch the whole scene with interest, Ike keeping up a running commentary in their minds.

Pandora's first instinct had been, of course, to get in the middle of things. Ob had slipped an arm around his wife, and reminded her on their private "channel" that her first worry is the little man she now carried within. She had settled. back in his arms after his promise to intervene, if necessary.

When Tori opens her laptop, Ob kisses Pandora and teases her lightly. "Be good mi Bruha... no running outside to kick some snake ass." She grins up at him, batting her eyes innocently. He laughs, leaning down to kiss her again, hand snaking into her hair to grip hard. Her moan and closed eyes bring a rumble from deep within, and the need to exert a lot of willpower to walk away for a minute.

Ob feels Pandora's eyes on his back as he moves to the bar. His mind touches hers, finding her gaze on his ass. Behave Mujer. Or I will have to spank you. Her silent laughter brings a grin to his lips.

Leaning against the bar next to Tannr, Ob asks Patti to pour some juice for Pandora and himself. He turns his head, slowly, to look at Tannr. The expression on the man's face is stubborn, jaw set as if he is ready for a fight. Ob hides a grin, reaching up to scratch the skin behind his ear.

"So... If that display of temper hasn't scared you, then you must really love my sister."

He watches as Tannr nearly swallows his tongue. Ob nods once.

"Bet that isn't what you expected from me, huh?" Tannr opens his mouth to talk and Ob holds up a hand. "Hear me out. I'm not going to warn you about Tori. She's a big girl and her heart is her own. Not going to warn you about breaking her heart, or big brothers and little sister. You got your own family, you know how it is."

He accepts the glasses from Patti and feels Tori touching his mind. he grins at her, raising a glass in salute to his Nestkin. When he turns his gaze back to Tannr his ice blue eyes are glowing softly.

"Just to head you up... She is a little more fragile, heartwise, than she seems." He grins at the young Viking. "Just don't make me drop you off a cliff somewhere, 'kay?"

With a flick of jewel streaked hair, Ob picks up the glasses and strolls back through the tables to the love of his existence, who waits patiently at her private booth.

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