Monday, May 9, 2011

Magic pulses, turning heads as the tingle that washes over them intensifies. Wish stands less than a yard away, looking at the foursome. The irridescence around her flexes as if she is surrounded by a soap bubble as it floats on the air. Tori breathes deep, letting the power flow through her very being. Her head turns to the woods, Tori's gaze following. A pair of Hell Hound eyes gleam in the shadows.

Dmitri's companion Hound, Scheherazade. Gingerly she steps between the corpses, sniffing at the handle of the axe and the wounds inflicted by Tiger. She looks at the people, then turns and trots back to the shadows. With a flick of her ratlike tail, the Hell Hound steps into the trees and is gone.

"What the Hel was that all about?" Tannr's voice seems to startle everyone.

Tori's head falls back and she slaps a hand across her eyes. "Damn, Fuck, Son of a Royal Bitch."  raising her head she notices everyone just staring at her, Star's mouth open in shock. "One of my Kin picked up images... she was sent to see if we needed reinforcements."

Wish stares at Star, her eyes shining with power. "What say ye, My Lady? Does danger still bode for the cottagers?" What little color that Star was recovering drains away. She turns to bolt, and Wish stops her. "Nay Mistress. Let us get ye there faster."

Tori looks at the men and Star. "I can carry one easily. Two, if one is Star."

Wish grins. The smile is joyous, and extremely scary when combined with the violence held bound in the little Wyldfae's eyes. "One, an' yer time be quicker if that one be Lady Star. I will bring My Lord an' his brother upon My Lady's Wishing."

Star looks off through the trees, at Erik, and lastly at Tori and Tannr. Her eyes swirl, reflecting her worry, anger, fear, and determination. She nods to Wish. "I will let Tori me there. Wish, p..pu..please hurry... it is my wish for us all to get there now."

A small scream escapes her lips as Tori scoops Star up into her arms and launches them upwards with great sweeps of her demonic wings. As the women clear the trees, Wish reaches out to the men.

"Take my hands. We go."

Both Warriors step gingerly into the bubble, half expecting it to pop around them. She looks to the axe embedded in the Drow skull. It dissolves and reforms on the ground within the bubble. Wish looks up at Tannr as he stares at it.

"One would think ye nae fought wi' Fae on the Unformed Plane." She shakes her head, the vibrant dreds sparking with her contained power. "Ach lad... 'tis the same as it was, just within reach. Shoulder yer blade an' we be gone."

Tannr lifts it to his shoulder, noting the blood still on the steel. His hand absently takes offered hand as Erik clasps the other. There is a ping as the magic bubble seems to pop, the occupants disappearing. Wish's laughter, and last words, echo off the trees of the clearing.

"What? Ye expected it cleaned and polished upon return? Ach lad, I'm not yer bleedin' Mary Poppins..."

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