Thursday, May 5, 2011

At the tavern, Raina was dancing with Nick. Not so much dancing as holding each other and talking. Erik was there with Star, having supper and waiting to see Tannr before heading home. Tannr only wanted Tori with him during the procedure and had promised to go directly to the tavern after it was done.

As Nick takes Rainas hand to lead her back to their table Raina chokes back a scream and doubles over. Nick tries to help her straighten up and Raina is gasping for breath and self control.

Nick finally just kneels in front of her and pushes the long black hair away from her face. “Rain? Rain..whats wrong? Talk to me, love. What is it?”

Star is suddenly there and wraps her arms around Raina and between the two of them they get her to a table and a seat. Rainas face has drained of color but she is able to control her breathing.

Star rubs her back, “Tannr?”

Raina nods, “It must be. I wasnt quite expecting that... I didnt have a chance to block some of it... Hel... he is gonna be in some kinda pain after that...”

Erik brings her a drink and her color starts to return to normal. Nick orders her supper and by the time she has eaten she feels back to normal.

“Thanks you guys. I wonder how Tannr is going to deal with this. He isnt a ninny, but that was pretty intense...”

Stars eyes turns colors and she asks, “Your pain went away, hasnt his?”

“Probably not. I can block it as soon as I realize what it is and where its coming from...” Raina looks up as the back door opens and Tannr walks in with Tori.

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